We are a small breeding team in the United States. We spend significant time in rearing quality, sound German Shepherds. The entirety of our little dogs are brought up in our home with affection, and taken care of day by day by both myself and my better half. We are a self-taught family which implies we invest a ton of energy at home and our pooches get a great deal of our attention and consideration. Our little dogs love going on walks with us, riding in the vehicle to town and going on get-always with us. Our German shepherd doggies are a piece of our little Christian family and we love them as our own children.

Pure Breed German Shepherd Puppies

The German shepherd is a moderately new variety, going back to 1899, and they owe their reality to one man: Captain Max von Stephanitz, a profession chief in the German rangers with an objective of making a German variety that would be unequaled as a crowding hound.

Hundreds of years before von Stephanitz tagged along, ranchers in Germany, as in the remainder of Europe, depended on mutts to drive and ensure their herdz. A few canines were unbelievable for their aptitude, and sheepherders would spend days travelling  to raise their female pooches to an eminent sire. Nonetheless, as von Stephanitz noticed, nobody had built up the grouping canines of the district into an unmistakable variety.

Happy previous owners of our German Shepherd Puppies

Jeffrey Rollings

Mcdonalds, California

At the point when we were searching for a GSD, we recognized what we needed. Mind, magnificence and wellbeing. A pooch that would be with us for quite a long time. We discovered wwww.germanshepherdzhome.com and their rearing project. What has astonished me is the craving to remain associated with us, to keep on instructing us and to give us a spot to impart our pooches to one another. Our puppy is an enormous  male and he is more than what we requested. He is so keen and passed the two his CGC and CGCA by 10 months. We are continually asked where we got him because of his size and character. A neighbour stated, she would clone him in the event that she could. She's never observed such a a decent GSD. I just advised her to go www.germanshepherdzhome.com

Suzzy Robertson

Western union, Michigan

  we can't say enough positive things about you folks and everything you accomplished for us and the prosperity of our babies. We as of now have two great mutts and would have more if space permitted it. We are completely honored to be a part of such a superb family. Thanks to germanshepherdzhome.com

Steve and Janet

CPL Logistics , Ohio

Taryn Lancia Steven and I had been investigating GSD breeders for quite a while when we ran over Rambo, We followed Ronney and his astounding Shepherds for a long time. Realizing that huge GSD reproducing accompany an immense obligation. Great demeanor as well as solid physical form. germanshepherdzhome.com surpassed our desires in all things about German Shepherd dogs. We realized this is the place we would get our furbabies. Our Wolfgang Ravioli is presently 9 months and he's our beginning and end. Savvy. Silly. Cherishing. Furthermore, Enormous! Ronney is consistently accessible to address questions and give direction to Wolfie's development and prosperity. At the point when you have a little pup you really are a part of the huge family. We are now anticipating our next two germanshepherdzhome.com puppies..